Lake and Waterslide Rentals

Only 1 group can reserve the lake at a time
1 Activity – $75 per/hr
2 Activities – $150 per/hr
3 Activities – $225 per/hr

Hours that the lake can be reserved:
Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm
Sunday 12-7pm

The following activities are available:
Waterslide (ages 8 and up)
Raft & Trampoline (Manatee) โ€“ the deep end
General swimming in the shallow end

If you only reserve 1 activity you may move between any of the three different activities that we offer, as long as only one activity is in use at a time.

When the deep end is open, only 16 people are allowed in the deep end, 8 on the raft and 8 on the manatee. The lifeguards can help monitor equal time and rotations. If you have a larger group it is recommended that you reserve 2 or 3 activities, allowing you to have multiple actives open at one time.

For safety, Black Rock provides 2 lifeguards for each activity. You may only swim in the activity where the lifeguards are on duty.

We require that women wear MODEST bathing suits (no bare midriff or bikini) and men wear MODEST swimming trunks (no bikini, Speedo-style). Lifeguards will require women to put on a colored T-shirt if this is not followed.

Reservations can be made in advance through our Guest Services Department at (717) 529-3389.