Private Pool Party Rentals

Black Rock Retreat will provide your party with lifeguards and tables. A charcoal grill or a fire pit can be made available upon request. Bring your own food and beverages to make it a true party (No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed).

Private pool parties can be booked in advance at a rate of $75 per hour:
• Monday-Friday: 6am-12noon & 5-11pm
• Saturday: 6-10am & 5-11pm
• Sunday: 5-11pm

Reservations can be made in advance through our Guest Services Department at (717) 529-3389.

Note: We require that women wear MODEST bathing suits (no bare midriff or bikini) and men wear MODEST swimming trunks (no bikini, speedo style). Lifeguards will require women to put on a colored t-shirt and men to change if this is not followed.