Laser Tag

This 21st Century tag game is the newest activity that Black Rock Retreat has to offer. Work with your teammates to capture the flag, control the field or deactivate all of the other team’s taggers at Black Rock Retreat or at your facility.

Two ways to pay:

  • Per-Person (2 hours) $22 per person
    for day groups or $12 per person for retreat groups. Minimum group size: 10. With up to 22 participants at a time.
  • By the hour: (2 hour minimum) $150/hour – 22 players at a time – Unlimited number of participants through the time you have booked!

Call now to book your activity at 717-529-3353 or email

Ages 8 and up

Video from offsite Laser Tag at Wrightsdale Baptist Church

How does it work?

The taggers emit an infrared beam (the same type of light that your TV remote uses) and if it shines at an opponent’s tagger it will register as a “tag”. Your tagger will keep track of how many hits your have received and if you have too many hits your tagger will deactivate.

Why Laser Tag?

The goal of this program is to teach team building through a fun and exciting activity. To accomplish this goal we will brief and debrief with your group different strategies and life applications regarding working together.  These taggers are specially designed for Laser Tag and to tag another player you are aiming for their tagger, not the person. We do not use vests or head sensors like many other indoor Laser Tag facilities.  We look at this program as more than just an activity but as a learning experience.

We can come to you!

Our Laser Tag system is completely mobile and we can bring it to your church, office, club or anywhere there is an open space to play. Contact us for current pricing and availability.

Make your plans today

While groups come for many different reasons, we know you have a goal in mind for your group.  Our goal at Black Rock Retreat is to support and help guide you as you look at ways you can achieve those goals.  All activities are “group focused” and can include your group’s goals and theme.