Challenge Ropes Course Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements?

The greatest benefits of the challenge ropes course are realized with people who are in adolescence or beyond. Therefore, participants must be in 6th grade or above (age 12 through adult).


What are the physical requirements for participants on the course?

There is a weight limit of 250 lbs. for all high ropes elements. Participants must fit properly into a harness and have the strength to climb a ladder. Please consult your primary care physician with specific questions about participation. Pregnant women should not participate.


What if it rains or the weather is hot/cold? What is the weather cancellation policy?

Lightning or winds in excess of 30 mph necessitate closing the ropes course. We still operate the ropes course in rain, snow, heat, or cold, so please be prepared! As indoor space allows, it is possible to do teambuilding initiative activities indoors to escape from inclement weather.


What size of a group can I bring?

A minimum of eight participants is needed. We can accommodate a group size of up to 90 people with special arrangements.

Can my group do just the high ropes course?

Yes, here at Black Rock Retreat it is our mission to provide more than an “Amusement Park” experience and to use our Challenge Ropes Course to provide opportunities for both personal and group growth. With this goal in mind we begin each high ropes program with a short teambuilding activity and allow time for group debriefing at the end for group participating in only our high ropes program.

Can I bring my family?

Yes! As long as the group contains at least eight participants with a minimum age of sixth grade or twelve years old. We welcome any type of group!

What happens if I bring a different number of people than I stated in the contract?

If you bring fewer people than the number you specified, you are expected to pay for each person or the deposit, whichever is greater. If you bring more participants than stated, we will do our best to accommodate all members of your group; however we schedule our staff based on the expected number of participants. You will be expected to pay for each participant in your group as space allows. PLEASE CALL US AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL IF THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS HAS CHANGED.

How should I dress?

Required attire includes CLOSED-TOE, CLOSED-HEEL SHOES (i.e. sneakers; NO sandals or Crocs), and ALL JEWELRY MUST BE REMOVED. Wear comfortable pants, sweats, or long styled shorts, and long t-shirts. Remember to dress for the weather because we will be outside all day. We also recommend that you bring tick repellent, a hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle.

Can I bring my group on a Sunday?

We operate the Ropes Course Monday through Saturday, but do not operate it on Sunday to allow our Ropes Course staff to enjoy the Lord’s day.

We have a theme for our retreat. Can this theme be incorporated into our ropes course time?

Yes! We strive to create a ropes course program that meets the goals you have for your group. If you have special requests or specific objectives, please notify us about them in advance. We will do our best to accommodate those needs.

We have made reservations for an overnight retreat at Black Rock Retreat. Does this reservation include the ropes course? Can we pay for everything at the same time?

No, the Challenge Ropes Course program is separate from other retreat facilities that you can reserve. All Ropes Course reservations must be made through the Ropes Course Director. The cost and payment are separate from your retreat price.

What options are there for lunch?

A full day Ropes Course experience has a scheduled one hour lunch break. Most ropes course groups who come for the entire day bring a sack lunch. There is a picnic area as well as soda and snack machines available for your use. Meals served in the Retreat Center must be arranged in advance through the Guest Services Director by calling her at 800-858-9299 x126 or e-mailing her.