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Health and Safety

Black Rock is committed to your health and safety!

As the team at Black Rock Retreat continues to walk through this unique time please know that we are continuing to pray for you and your ministry. We don’t know the specific struggles that you are facing, but we can certainly relate in many ways. You are not alone.

As reports from various health organizations, governing bodies, and local experts continue to come in, we see positive and negative forecasts predicted in equal measure. We understand that you as a ministry must make plans based on what can be determined to be best for your members. Please know that the health and safety of our guests is our highest priority. In light of that, we want you to know what we are doing. It is our desire to take every reasonable measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We are implementing some new policies and procedures informed by the latest guidance from the CDC and state health organizations.

Black Rock Retreat will stay apprised of any recommendations of the CDC and will consider action accordingly.  Further, we may remove any safety measures listed herein once the CDC or the federal, state, or local governments deem such measures are no longer necessary.

We know you will join us in continued prayer over the next weeks and months as we both continue to prepare for your retreat, and your group’s time of seeking and growing closer to the Lord.

We are excited to see you in the coming months and are here should any questions arise!  For more specific information regarding the steps being taken in each area of ministry please see the links below.


The Guest Services Team
Black Rock Retreat

The Plan:


  • Pre-screening and Waiver – Prior to arrival, your group leader will be sending you a waiver that, among other things, lists some simple pre-screening questions. Anyone who has had the listed symptoms within the past two weeks will be asked to remain home.
  • Temperature Check – We are requesting that all guests check their temperature prior to traveling to Black Rock Retreat.  Upon arrival, check-in will take place in your group’s assigned meeting room. There, all guests’ temperatures will be checked by another of your group’s members with the touch-free thermometer provided by Black Rock Retreat. Any guest with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be asked to return home.
  • Disinfectant – Extra hand-sanitizing stations will be located throughout the property and additional disinfecting solution will be available. Door handles, luggage carts, and other high-touch surfaces will be disinfected as frequently as possible, particularly during the hustle and bustle of arrival times.
  • Public Areas – Masks are to be worn in all indoor public areas per CDC guidance and state requirements. Our team members will be disinfecting the public areas at least twice per day with the recommended cleaning products, per the CDC guidance.
  • Check In – The Black Rock team member stationed at the front desk will be giving your group leader all keys,
    paperwork, and necessary items from behind a Plexiglas barrier. All non-paper items will be disinfected prior to
    distribution. All paper will be minimally handled. Staff will be wearing face masks when in public areas and will be
    maintaining appropriate distance whenever feasible.

Nature Center Family

Meeting Room and Lodging:

  • Pre-Cleaning – Prior to arrival, our housekeeping team will be cleaning meeting and lodging rooms with the recommended cleaning products, per the CDC guidance. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available at the Front Desk should you have any questions on those products.
  • Disinfectant – One bottle of disinfecting spray and paper towels will be located in your group’s meeting room for use at your discretion.
  • Occupancy – Once your group checks in, Black Rock Retreat staff will not be entering rooms assigned to you or your group.  Should an emergency arise (plumbing, spillage, etc), staff will wear a mask when entering, and disinfect anything that they have touched prior to leaving.




  • Dining Hall:  We ask all guests to follow social distancing guidelines as you wait in line to get your food. Masks must be worn at all times unless you are seated at your table. The buffet will be functioning as a touchless buffet, which requires hands to be gloved when getting food. Hand sanitizer is available for use before putting on the provided gloves. Gloves may be removed after exiting the buffet and beverage area, and disposed of in the provided receptacles.  Tables have been appropriately spaced apart and we ask that you do not add chairs to each table. We have seating inside our dining room, on the patio, as well as the dining room annex in the gym. Feel free to enjoy any of our many seating areas inside or outside. 
  • Drinks:  The drink station and condiments are still self-serve. Single use deli paper has been placed next to the drink machines so you don’t need to directly touch any dispensers with your bare hands. The same applies to the condiment area. We ask that you use the single serve Coffee makers which have been placed in each of the rooms rather than the lobby for safer hygiene and convenience of our guests. If you need any additional supplies, don’t hesitate to ask at the front desk.
  • Clean up:  Please throw all trash in the garbage bins we provide by the dish return and then place trays on the green shelves.


  • Water Activities – The pool will be open from noon to 5pm on the full days of your retreat. We ask that guests bring their own pool-side seating, and that they maintain appropriate distance from members of other groups.
  • Staffed Activities – Any staffed activity provided by Black Rock Retreat will be led by staff members who will be wearing a mask and maintaining appropriate distance where feasible. All equipment used during the activity will be sanitized between each use. Please ask your group leader for details about staffed activities that have been arranged for your group.
  • Equipment – While our play courts are still available, Black Rock Retreat will not be providing any play equipment. Please bring your own basketballs, volleyballs, etc.


  • Procedures – Staff will be required to wear masks when working with guests. They, like our guests, are required to
    check their temperature prior to arrival, and are asked to pre-screen themselves for any signs of illness prior to every


  • Procedures – Parents that are guests at our retreat center are responsible for maintaining their children’s compliance
    with the regulations for guests listed above. Children 9 and older are to wear masks and responsible effort should be
    made for children ages 2-9 to wear masks while in interior public areas. Parents are responsible to facilitate social
    distancing regulations for their children and other guests.
"Black Rock is beautiful. The staff are friendly, kind, and helpful. The facilities are well maintained. The surroundings are beautiful. As both a paying customer and a recipient of Black Rock’s complimentary pastor’s retreat, I can say without reservation that this place has been a huge blessing to me, my ministry, and my family."
Jud Kossum

Our Location

Our retreat center in Pennsylvania is conveniently located near Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York City, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. Only :30 from Interstate 95 and :50 from the PA Turnpike, we're both secluded and easily accessible.

Approximate Driving Times:
  • Philadelphia, PA - 1:10
  • Baltimore, MD - 1:10
  • Harrisburg, PA - 1:10
  • Washington, DC - 1:50
  • New York City (NYC) - 2:30
  • Pocono Mountains - 2:20
  • Wilmington, DE - :50
  • Dover, DE - 1:20
  • Allentown, PA - 1:40
  • Trenton, NJ - 2:00
  • Atlantic City, NJ - 2:00
  • Hagerstown, MD - 2:10
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