Summer Camp Expansion Campaign



Have you ever been called to take a leap of faith? That’s what we are doing here at Black Rock Retreat. We’ve jumped into the deep end of faith. On behalf of the nearly two hundred children who have been turned away from summer camp each year, we’ve broken ground, started up the excavation engines, and hired the contractors.

Click here to watch a video clearing the site for one of the new cabins.

Click here to watch a video of cabin construction which is now complete.

Click here to see photos inside one of the new cabins.

Click here to read comments of those saying “Good Bye” to the 1955 Chapel and Dining Hall.  Here are two videos of the demolition: It begins…   …the end of an era.

Click here to see a timelapse of the new chapel and dining hall currently being constructed.

We’re doing everything we can to make room for more campers to experience a week of summer camp where they can grow closer in their relationship with God.

Many generous supporters have given us the courage to take this jump of faith, and as we’re completing this project in time for Summer Camp 2018, we’re believing God to supply the remaining funds needed to finish this project with no debt.

Will you jump in with us and help complete this vision? Please consider how you could support the efforts of Building on the Rock, which will ensure that we are preserving a solid future for greater outreach.

You can make a difference! Will you jump in with us?

Gifts of every size are important, no gift is too big or too small. We are currently accepting cash donations and pledges. We would love the opportunity to talk with you!

Kendall Keeler
Director of Development
1-717-775-6165 ext.171

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