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The Outdoor Education Program at Black Rock Retreat offers learners of all ages the opportunity to explore, identify and analyze various parts of the natural world. The woods, creek, pond, challenge ropes course and nature center all provide a unique learning environment.
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What do we do?

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We provide outdoor education field trips and retreats that are designed with your class in mind. We provide interactive classes that make use of our 100 acre outdoor classroom and beyond.
We provide an experience that is full of adventure and excitement for students from all backgrounds and learning styles. Your students will enjoy a time of adventure and learning as they participate in hands-on interactive education.
We provide science field trip retreats that last from 1 to 4 days and will provide a learning experience that is hands-on and exciting.
Check out our new interactive 3d science display at our nature center. Here students will experience the science of topography first hand. They will also see how watersheds work through this unique interactive display.
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Who do we serve?

The Outdoor Education program at Black Rock serves christian schools, public schools, and private schools with outdoor education programs designed specifically to meet the needs of thier students.
We are located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania within a short drive from Philadelphia, Baltimore Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. Call 800-858-9299 or email us a

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