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Be the hero! Get your students out of the classroom and learning about the environment while they’re in the middle of nature on a 2-3 day overnight field trip or even a partial day field trip!

They’ll experience a fun field trip that’s full of learning about science, ecology, teamwork, and so much more… in a beautiful wooded outdoor setting (think of it as 110-acre outdoor classroom). And don’t worry about the weather – we have plenty of indoor learning activities too that can take place in our Nature Center, indoor gym, lounge, and dining hall in case of rain or inclement weather.

Eco Field Trip in PennsylvaniaWe’re here to help… you can choose to have us program as much or as little of the trip as possible.

Fresh out of ideas for learning activities? That’s where we jump in! We have trained professional staff that connect with your students and provide a variety of hands-on science education outside the classroom.

Already have activity ideas? Great! We’ll do our best to accommodate and support you any way we can.

There’s plenty of activities to do here, so your students will never be bored!

One-day and two-day programs (retreats) are also available at times throughout the year.

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How to Schedule an Outdoor Education Trip

  1. Request more information or call 800-858-9299
  2. Choose your classes and program options
  3. Bring your students!

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