New Fundraiser: Sponsor Quest!

Sponsor Quest is a fundraising effort by our summer staff to support summer camp sponsorships.

Happening on one of the last days of staff training, June 9, 2018, it will also help our staff to bond with each other as they get ready for a summer of ministry!

To commemorate Black Rock Retreat’s 64th year serving campers, staff will split into teams and embark on a quest to complete team challenges, meet BRR Supporters, and visit local points of interest, earning points for each objective and trying to reach a score of 64.

Sponsors can donate a flat amount to the staff member they are supporting, or pledge an amount per point they score during the event!

When you support Sponsor Quest, you support kids.


“I couldn’t have asked more. We truly are blessed to be able to send our child to such an amazing camp. The counselors were awesome. Our son felt very close to them as they had a lot in common. I couldn’t thank them enough! When you go pick up your child and his face has a smile ear-to-ear and he says, ‘This year was even better than last!’ you know as a parent, God is present.”


Learn More About the Ministry of BRR Summer Camp!

Watch this video to learn about our Summer Camp ministry. Bikeathon proceeds will benefit the ministries of Black Rock Retreat including helping send campers in need of sponsorships to camp for free!

Sponsorship Options

Option #1: Flat Amount

Click here to donate a flat amount today! Make sure to specify your donation by selecting “SponsorQuest” and writing in the name of the staff member you would like to support!

Option #2: Per Point

Click here if you want to motivate your staff member to go the extra mile in SponsorQuest by donating an amount per point that they score. The final score is 64 points, so a $1 per point pledge would be a maximum donation of $64.