2021 Registration Information & Dates

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Updated Summer Camp Schedule for 2021!

Each age group has different weeks (see below)! Register for your week according to the grade you will enter in Fall 2021.

Because we have many campers that would like to attend camp and want to give as many as possible an opportunity to come, please note that campers may only attend one week of camp.

We also offer Blast Day Camp for kids entering 1st-6th grade where they can attend as many weeks as they’d like!

2021 Calendar & Fees (Overnight Summer Camp)

(entering into)
Dates & Times
(drop-off, pick-up)
Days Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3
4-6 6/13 (3pm) – 6/17 (3pm)      FULL Sun-Thu $359 / $404 / $449
4-6 6/20 (3pm) – 6/24 (3pm)    FULL Sun-Thu $359 / $404 / $449
6-8 6/27 (3pm) – 7/02 (3pm)     FULL Sun-Fri $384 / $429 / $474
2-3 7/04 (3pm) – 7/06 (6pm)     FULL Sun-Tue $204 / $224 / $244
6-8 7/11 (3pm) – 7/16 (3pm)      FULL Sun-Fri $384 / $429 / $474
9-12 7/18 (3pm) – 7/23 (3pm)     FULL* Sun-Fri $389 / $434 / $479
9-12 7/25 (3pm) – 7/30 (3pm)    FULL* Sun-Fri $389 / $434 / $479
6-8 8/01 (3pm) – 8/06 (3pm)    FULL* Sun-Fri $384 / $429 / $474
*Waitlist available for sessions that are currently FULL.

We provide a three-tiered system to allow families to choose the price that best fits their financial situation. All campers receive the same experience regardless of what tier they pay, and all families are free to choose the option that works best for themWhy are there 3 prices?


All weeks require a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. The deposit is $75 for 2-3 grade and $150 for all other weeks (including for Special Week). The remaining balance is due two weeks before the start of your week of camp. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in cancellation.

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How to Register

Online Registration (Click Here »)

Black Rock Retreat offers the option of online registration! This will save you resources in stamps, paper, envelopes, etc, as well as time since registration spots will be automatically reserved once payment is received. Online registration also allows for payment options such as a credit or debit card, or you can still mail us a check or money order. Another advantage is that once you enter your household information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, health records, etc, that information will be saved in your profile which makes registering for summer camp in later years a breeze.

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Paper (Print/Mail)

If you prefer to print and mail the registration form, that option is also available by downloading the form here. To have the form mailed to you, please call us at 717-529-3232. Note that the deposit mentioned above will still be required to reserve your spot. A confirmation will be sent by e-mail upon receipt, and your remaining balance will be due two weeks before the start of camp. Summer Camp Dates »

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Sponsorships & Financial Assistance

Friends and supporters of Black Rock Retreat contribute to a camper sponsorship fund to assist those who are unable to afford all or part of the fee. It is our desire that every child have the opportunity to come to summer camp. If financial assistance is needed, please contact the main office at Black Rock Retreat.