Blast Day Camp 2019 Weekly Themes

We want each week to be a unique experience. Remember you can sign your camper up for as many weeks as you would like! Check out our themes for each week of 2019 Blast Summer Day Camp below…

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Explore chain reactions and chain reaction machines.  Look for chain reactions in everyday life and in nature.  Explore how chain reactions help us or make our life more difficult.  Use creativity and innovation to build Rube Goldberg machines designed to “make life easier”! Register »

Explore different types of homes, both animal and human, in nature and in various parts of the world.  Learn about habitat and use of natural resources.  Learn how ecosystems affect the types of houses that animals and people build.  Help set up homes for ladybugs and other creatures. Register »

WEEK 3:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (July 1 – 5)
This week will feature an exciting, and unusual, mix of Christmas in July and a celebration of Independence Day in the United States.  Creating our own Christmas trees and ornaments, making our own “fireworks” and learning about our Christian and national heritage are a few of the activities planned for this week. Register »

WEEK 4:  PICTURE THIS: (July 8 – 12)
This week will be a look through the viewfinder of the camera as we focus on design and symmetry in the world God created for us.  Explore in black and white, as well as color, and take a look at illusions and how they are created.  Create your own illusions through the use of your camera. Register »

WEEK 5:  IT’S SHOCKING! (July 15 – 19)
Explore electricity and lightening during this high charged week of activity.  Play with static electricity, build circuits, build a potato battery, and explore conductors and insulators.  Look at the power and impact of lightening.  Learn about safety with electricity. Register »

WEEK 6:  WHAT’S TO EAT? (July 22 – 26)
Explore the eating habits and favorite foods of different animals as well as people in various parts of the world.  Experiment with making different foods, take a look at food webs, producers and consumers.  Help feed our animal friends in the Nature Center. Register »

WEEK 7:  PIRATE ADVENTURE (July 29 – Aug 2)
Explore the life of a sailor and a pirate, and the ships and tools they use.  Investigate the animal world to find sailors and pirates there.  Learn to tie knots, go on a treasure hunt, and learn about navigation. Register »

WEEK 8:  THE GREAT RACE (Aug 5 – 9)
This week is a race to the finish!  Daily challenges and puzzles will move campers closer to the finish line at the end of the week.  Teamwork and ingenuity will help campers solve each day’s adventure.  Fire up your brain for a week of fun and adventure. Register »

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