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By Nora Johnson |

Serving Our Guests

Hi, my name is Nora and chances are if you come to a retreat at Black Rock Retreat, you will not see me.  Those of us in Guest Services that do reservations tend to be the voice of Black Rock Retreat rather than the face! In the last few months, I have really been thinking about my role in the Guest Services Department.  Foremost in my mind is the thought that Black Rock Retreat is a ministry, but does what I do count as a ministry and more specifically, is it my ministry? We have all heard stories at the annual banquet and in the newsletter of children and teens who have given… Read More

By Nancy Engel |

History in the Making

I just returned from a walk around some of the grounds of Black Rock Retreat. A lot is happening at this place on this historic day….a day when we are saying good bye to the chapel and dining hall. Many sounds were mingling together as I walked down the driveway to see the remaining foundation of the dear, departed building.  I heard the heavy equipment – dump trucks, excavators, lifts. Echoing through the trees from snack shop, laughter of children and adults could be heard. A group of guests from Family Camp were playing laser tag in another section of wooded area. Amish guests… Read More

By Nancy Engel |

A Fond Farewell

The current Oakwood Dining Hall and Chapel are no more. The oldest building on our grounds has been dismantled and a modern, bigger dining hall and chapel will take its place. We are excited for this new addition.  Many hours and much labor have already gone into the dream that will soon become a reality. But nothing can take the place of the myriad of memories that echoed around those spaces. A few days ago I ventured into the empty dining hall. I remembered attending Black Rock Retreat banquets in this space, retreat meals, many loud summer camp meals both as a camper and a counselor… Read More

By Nancy Engel |

The Lord Is My Shepherd…

(Written Thursday July 13, 2017) Tomorrow is a huge day for me. Medical tests will reveal what is happening in my body. In the places unseen. But this afternoon an errand took me near the Black Rock Retreat Labyrinth. Feeling the need for peace and a word from God my steps took me around the winding path. The surrounding trees filtered the harsh sunlight.  An umbrella of branches and leaves provided a refreshing coolness in the heat of the day. Laughter of children floated through the air from the pool. I asked God to speak to me and meandering along the labyrinth pathway I am reminded… Read More

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