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By Jon Hill |

Blast Day Camp set to Launch!

Here at Black Rock Retreat, we have been anxiously awaiting the construction of the new Dining Hall and Chapel building as it will allow space for more campers to attend our Summer Camp Program in 2018. That’s more campers building relationships with spiritual mentors, more campers experiencing the fun and exciting activities that Black Rock offers, and more campers hearing about the life changing love of Jesus Christ. The completion of this building also means a new addition to what Black Rock Retreat can offer during the summer season. 2018 will be the first summer for our Summer… Read More

By Josh Foley |

Chester The Bunny Misses You Too

Registration has been open for about a week and we already have over 350 registered! Every year when we open registration for summer camp, we are blessed to hear stories from parents about the impact Black Rock has had on their child.  Some stories are touching, and some are cute and rather funny!  Here are a couple of our favorites from the first week: A parent informed us that last year, her 4th grade son signed himself up for camp without her knowledge!  She found out when she received an email saying the balance was due.  She paid it, he came to camp, and at the end… Read More

By Jon Hill |

Partnering with Local Ministries – Mountain Conquerors

For the past 7 years, Black Rock Retreat has partnered with a ministry called Mountain Conquerors.  We asked Pastor Matt Kroll to share a little about his experience with our Challenge Ropes Course program.   Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about the Mountain Conquerors program? I am Matt Kroll, coordinator of Mountain Conquerors.  I am the pastor of The Lord’s House of Prayer city church on Vine St. Lancaster.  Mountain Conquerors was a vision God gave me years ago which became a reality in 2010.  Mountain Conquerors is an outdoor adventure camp… Read More

By Jamie Sensenig |

Serving Our Guests

Hi, my name is Nora and chances are if you come to a retreat at Black Rock Retreat, you will not see me.  Those of us in Guest Services that do reservations tend to be the voice of Black Rock Retreat rather than the face! In the last few months, I have really been thinking about my role in the Guest Services Department.  Foremost in my mind is the thought that Black Rock Retreat is a ministry, but does what I do count as a ministry and more specifically, is it my ministry? We have all heard stories at the annual banquet and in the newsletter of children and teens who have given… Read More

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