Blast Day Camp 2018 Weekly Themes

We want each week to be a unique experience. Remember you can sign your camper up for as many weeks as you would like! Check out our themes for each week of 2018 Blast Summer Day Camp below…

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WEEK 1: WHAT’S THE MATTER? (June 11-15, 2018)

Explore God’s creation in its most basic forms of matter. Dig into solids, wade into liquids, capture gases, and play with plasma. Explore conservation of matter and attempt to change matter into different forms during the activities this week. Register »

WEEK 2: GEARS AND GIZMOS (June 18-22, 2018)

Explore simple machines and how they work. Learn how ancient people used simple machines to do seemingly impossible jobs. Building a catapult, experimenting with pendulums, and creating your own “gizmo,” are some of the activities planned for this week. Register »

WEEK 3: KINGS AND QUEENS (June 25-29, 2018)

Explore the roles of kings and queens throughout history as well as in nature. Create the Kingdom of BLASTovia, try some royal sports, and learn about falconry – the sport of kings. Explore King snakes, queen bees, and the king of the jungle as we experience royalty. Register »

WEEK 4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (July 2-6, 2018)

This week will feature an exciting, and unusual, mix of Christmas in July and a celebration of Independence Day in the United States. Creating Christmas tree ornaments using materials we find in camp as well as creating our own “fireworks” will be just some of the activities planned for this week. Register »

WEEK 5: UNDER THE SEA (July 9-13, 2018)

Build your own “sea-scope” and explore life under the water in our creek and lake. Learning about the various life forms that are found there, helping design an ecosystem that will support underwater life, and exploring the idea of an underwater ecosystem for humans are some of the activities for this week. Register »

WEEK 6: WHAT’S TO EAT? (July 16-20, 2018)

Would you eat it?  Learn about foods eaten by both animals and people. Try some “new” foods and explore making your own of some foods like cheese, ice cream, and candy as we munch our way through this week. Register »

WEEK 7: FLYING HIGH (July 23-27, 2018)

Explore the world of flight. Building and launching your own hot air balloon, experimenting with aerodynamics, building an airplane, and learning about rockets are some of the activities built into this week. Register »

WEEK 8: HEROES AND VILLAINS (July 30-Aug 3, 2018)

Learn about what makes a hero (and a villain) as we explore both through the Bible and in history. Learn about animal heroes and villains, practice tracking skills, and try out some hero skills during this week. Register »

WEEK 9: SQUISH, SQUASH, SQUIRT (Aug 6-10, 2018)

Explore nature to discover things, living and non-living, that squish, squash and squirt. Making your own slime, digging for clay, and a water battle are some of the activities planned for this week. Register »

WEEK 10: SURVIVOR (Aug 13-17, 2018)

What do people and animals need to survive? How do animals adapt in difficult circumstances? Make a survival kit, build a shelter, try some edible wild plants, and cook over an open fire as we explore living in the wild. Register »

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