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To meet the goals of developing and expanding the ministry of Black Rock Retreat, while also keeping Summer Camp affordable for as many people as possible, we are introducing a three-tiered system that allows families to choose the price that best fits their financial situation.

All campers receive the same experience regardless of what tier they pay, and all families are free to choose the option that works best for them.

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In the past, we have charged flat rates for camp that were subsidized and did not reflect the full cost of our programs. The new system still provides the standard low cost option, while also presenting the actual costs of camp for those who can afford it. The price you choose remains confidential, only known by those who handle registration and payments.

Please note that this pricing system is separate from our Sponsorship Program. To find out if you are eligible for sponsorship, email us or call us at (717) 529-3232.

Tier 3: True Cost

In addition to the expenses above, this rate reflects the costs of maintaining facilities, grounds, and equipment as well as expanding camp to provide new activities and experiences. By choosing this option when registering, you are joining in developing the ministry of Black Rock Retreat for future generations.

Tier 2: Subsidized Cost (Thanks Donors!)

This rate is closer to covering the expenses of Summer Camp at cost, but results in less revenue than is needed to further develop our camp and programs. Additionally, as inflation continues to raise the costs for many aspects of camp (food, utilities, etc.),  choosing this option when registering helps donations to Summer Camp go further in other needed areas.

Tier 1: Partially Sponsored Cost (Thanks Donors!)

Black Rock Retreat does not want finances to be a barrier for youth to come and experience all that camp has to offer. Rather than raising all prices significantly, we will keep this rate as low as possible even though it does not fully account for the cost of our camps and programs. We can offer this option thanks to donors who share our vision to keep camp affordable and accessible to as many families as possible.

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Our Goals for Tiered Pricing

  • To provide a quality, affordable environment for children and teenagers to learn about God, have fun experiences, and grow through their relationships with staff and other campers.
  • To represent and communicate the actual costs of camp while allowing families to choose the rate most appropriate for them.
  • For those who value the ministry of Black Rock Retreat to be able to partner with us, enabling more people to be impacted in a positive way.
  • To preserve the present and future quality of Black Rock Retreat’s facilities and programs

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