Blast Day Camp 2021 Dates

We want each week to be a unique experience. Remember you can sign your camper up for as many weeks as you would like!

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2021 Dates

Week 1: Wild Adventure (June 14-18, 2021) FULL

What do people and animals need to survive?  How do animals adapt in difficult circumstances?  Make a survival kit, build a shelter, try some edible wild plants, and cook over an open fire as we explore living in the wild.

Week 2: How It Works (June 21-25, 2021) FULL

Explore simple machines and how they work. Learn how to build and use machines to complete fun tasks while learning about how many items we use everyday work.

Week 3: What’s To Eat? (June 28-July 2, 2021) FULL

Would you eat it? Learn about foods eaten by both animals and people.  Try some “new” foods and explore making your own of some foods as we munch our way through this week.

Week 4: Amazing Animals (July 5- July 9, 2021) FULL

Learn about the wonderful animals in our nature center as well as the amazing animals in God’s creation! Explore the different characteristics of animals and get the chance to go out and search for some around camp.

Week 5: Games Around The World (July 12-16, 2021)  FULL

Get ready for an active week of learning new games and sports from around the world! Learn about how people stay active and get introduced to new activities that you may not be familiar with.

Week 6: Science Galore (July 19-23, 2021) FULL

The beloved science-filled week is back! We will be exploring different ways that scientists explore the world around us through fun and exciting experiments.

Week 7*: Soccer Day Camp  (July 26-30, 2021) FULL

                   Outer Space (July 26-30, 2021) FULL

Explore the solar system and the amazing things in outer space! Learn about different challenge that astronauts face when going to space and create our own modal of the solar system!

*Note: Soccer Day Camp and Blast Day Camp (Outer Space) are separate registrations and will conflict in schedule.

Week 8: Wonderful Water (August 2-6, 2021) FULL

Explore various types of plants and animals that call the water home though trips to our creek and lake. Learn about the different ways that water impacts our lives while having a blast outside with some water-based activities!

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