By Matt Brubaker |

This is Ministry

This morning, I turned off of Route 472 and headed up the driveway at Black Rock Retreat. How many times have I driven this path…transported by my parents as a young camper, in “my” sporty Camaro as a summer camp counselor, with my husband as a retreat guest, and for the past 14 years as a part-time team member?

Sometimes the sky has been overcast, and other times, the blue sky is the perfect backdrop as the sun filters through the trees. No matter what the season or weather, if I take the time to notice, I can sense God’s peace. He is here and intent on bringing healing, comfort, and peace to all who seek Him. This is ministry.

How many guests have entered the property in the past 60+ years? It’s hard to consider exactly how many precious souls have come to Black Rock Retreat in need of the peace that only God can give. Some carefully hide their pain behind a smile and expensive clothes. Campers bring distress from broken homes, abusive relationships, and low self-esteem. Couples in distress, struggling to find unity and peace, attend a House on the Rock sponsored Marriage Intensive Weekend.

Black Rock Retreat team members have seasons of distress and struggles, too. Just today, I shared a struggle with a co-worker and she responded immediately with concern, a hug, and prayer. God is here and intent on bringing healing, comfort, and peace to all who seek Him! This is ministry.

One of the core values at Black Rock Retreat is MINISTRY. Our desire is to provide an atmosphere where all ages can experience spiritual and personal growth, restoration, and encouragement. From the calm of the woodland and the Black Rock blue sky at the lake, to the ministry that takes place in the Maranatha Retreat Center, and all of the lives that are touched through Summer Camp, Outdoor Education, Family Camp, and the Silent Sanctuary Retreats, ministry happens here on a daily basis.

Has your life been enriched through ministry at Black Rock Retreat? Feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your story!

-Nancy Engel, Adult & Family Director

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