Black Rock Retreat
Based on 38 reviews
Black Rock Retreat
Based on 237 reviews
Alan Feldman
Alan F.
23:53 22 Feb 20
Put elbows on table and no one sang a song and made me ride a broom around the dining hall
Jennifer L.
Jennifer L.
03:53 16 Dec 19
My daughter has attended the summer camp 3 years now. Absolutely loves it. Great staff! It has been a highlight of her summer vacation. They have so many...
Jackie Collins
Jackie C.
23:59 24 Nov 19
the place was clean, the staff were very helpful and accomodating. We had several meals there and the food was delicious. A great place for any Christian event.
Lori Blackwell
Lori B.
03:44 11 Nov 19
I had a great time here with my Church ladies! Food was good! Beautiful place!
Thoothoolei Bawbawlei
Thoothoolei B.
19:58 25 Oct 19
Gregory Blain
Gregory B.
15:47 15 Oct 19
Benjamin Brittin
Benjamin B.
20:29 09 Oct 19
Three years in a row and the staffing has been fantastic! They keep students running and learning outdoors with fun activities. Brand new facilities, great bathrooms and friendly services. Planning for 2020!
Kyle Bugg
Kyle B.
16:25 08 Oct 19
Lot’s of good to say about this place as a retreat center. Surprisingly good wifi for a place that’s great for unplugging but if you need it, it’s there. But what stood out to me from what other’s have already shared is the kitchen. The kitchen staff are extremely accommodating. They are very willing to work with whatever dietary requirements you have. With them being in the middle of rural farm land my expectations were low but I contacted them in advance and to my surprise they had no problem doing vegetarian, no gluten, or even vegan. So if there’s a diet you’re concerned about maintaining on a potential trip/retreat, don’t rule them out like I almost did. Check with them.
01:02 03 Oct 19
This place is the best i went to this place 2 weeks ago as a field trip and i had am amazing time its a good place to get away from social media and learn more from god i would love to work there but in a few years ima worl there because i think thats where god want to lead me
Jorge Pacheco
Jorge P.
06:39 20 Aug 19
La higiene.Alimentacion.El entorno.arboles lago.distraccionsalones confortables todo
Tammy Charles
Tammy C.
16:59 17 Aug 19
Excellent groundsPlenty of accommodationsSwimming pool. Volleyball basket ball courts. Chapels. Meeting rooms. Meals are provided and are very tasty I would come here again and again. Can support small groups and large groups
Kyanna Nicole
Kyanna N.
14:07 02 Aug 19
I just went to the camp last week, and it was amazing. As a fifteen year old, when I go to a camp I like to have fun; Black Rock Retreat did just that. Not only have I improved my relationship with God, but I have also learned more about myself in the process. I definitely recommend this camp. P.S The Food Is Really Good.
Paula Mertz Jones
Paula Mertz J.
00:53 02 Aug 19
My daughter has gone to this camp for 3 years and this is my son’s second year. They both absolutely love it! It is the BEST summer Christian camp around!!
Lisa A. Wivell Weaver
Lisa A. Wivell W.
17:48 27 Jul 19
Amazing camp for children of all ages. Cabins aren’t fancy, but there’s a normal bathroom and shower.
Saam Chacko
Saam C.
20:43 23 Jul 19
Super clean and exotic place..good people around and good service
John Clancy
John C.
16:20 09 Jul 19
my son loves to go every summer. makes new friends and loves every minute. he actually gets depressed when it's time to come home! The counselors are so good with the kids. He tells me for days how much fun they had. I would highly recommend sending your child.
Patricia Tynon
Patricia T.
12:57 29 Jun 19
My grandchildren love this place what a great experience
Fernando Morales
Fernando M.
04:27 19 Jun 19
un lugar de bendiciones y posibilidades
Tina Hanson Anderson
Tina Hanson A.
19:27 18 Jun 19
Each year when we pick up our daughter from Black Rock, the first thing she says is "365 days until I can come back. I can not wait." This camp is faith forming, soul supporting, and life-changing for kids, youth, teens and young adults. God is at work at Black Rock Retreat. And it is really good.
Renee Duvall Meyers
Renee Duvall M.
15:18 16 Jun 19
Wonderful place to connect with God. Peaceful, serene and restful. well worth the trip.
Jenny Hill
Jenny H.
20:31 31 May 19
Just got back from a wonderful 3 day outdoor education retreat. The staff did an excellent job with all the activities for the kids... black light dodgeball, alpha wolf at night, high ropes and many more. The devotion time was meaningful and I hope my group got the message that was shared so well. Thanks to John, Kevin, Mariah and Nate for being our leaders! They were all excellent!
Fredrico Lord
Fredrico L.
21:33 05 Mar 19
Anyone looking for a getaway from the busyness of everyday life should strongly consider Black Rock Retreat... It’s quiet and peaceful and you get to be one with nature. Their facilities are super clean and the grounds is well kept. Definitely a 5 star!
Darryl Maurer
Darryl M.
22:17 04 Mar 19
Been there for five years. An awesome place to spend a weekend+++
Natoya Amore
Natoya A.
02:49 15 Feb 19
Beautiful, quiet place to have fun with family and friends or just get some me time.
Elızabeth Ađu
Elızabeth A.
00:19 19 Dec 18
I came here with my church and everybody had fun.Me and my friends can NOT WAIT to go.
Jennifer Lindeman
Jennifer L.
00:48 15 Dec 18
CB157230 CB157230
CB157230 C.
21:15 04 Dec 18
Jordan Hain
Jordan H.
14:53 25 Nov 18
Theresa Jenkins
Theresa J.
17:14 17 Nov 18
Amazing summer camp and I could not rate it higher!!!
Amber Eatmon
Amber E.
17:16 26 Oct 18
Darryl Young
Darryl Y.
18:03 20 Sep 18
Beatrice Williams Cheaye
Beatrice Williams C.
19:45 15 Sep 18
Kyan Zeiders
Kyan Z.
15:02 04 Aug 18
my favorite camp for the past several years
Clint H.
Clint H.
15:37 07 Jul 18
This place is listed as a religious organization? Well ok.We came here for my friend's birthday. It was a surprise from his wife who wanted to take him to...
Wendy Lea
Wendy L.
00:22 05 Jul 18
This is the 3rd year our grand daughter has attended Black Rock. She is now almost 10 yrs old and talks about Black Rock all year long until the next summer. "don't forget to sign me up for Black Rock" is her weekly reminder until registration is done. We never worry about her well being. We know she will be nurtured and cared for. She comes home with so many stories of fellowship and friendship. We look forward to hearing all the adventures and bible stories she experienced this summer. Black Rock Rocks!
Lacey Saurbaugh
Lacey S.
00:01 27 Jun 18
Our daughter Leigha counts the days from the time we pick her up from camp until she can go back again the next summer!! She recalls and reflects on the amazing memories she makes with her friends and counselors as well as the Christ centered lessons she applies to her everyday life. We are so blessed to have found this amazing camp and feel 100% confident in the impact Black Rock has had on our daughter! Thank you �
lori boldt
lori B.
01:35 07 May 18
Ella Rineer
Ella R.
00:19 27 Mar 18
Matthew Bolden
Matthew B.
13:15 05 Mar 18
Kris Lueke
Kris L.
23:30 08 Jan 18
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany W.
23:37 07 Jan 18
Black Rock is a place where you create a better relationship with God, and create new friends. You start to feel like your part of a family after a little while of being at camp. Everyone is really nice, welcoming, and helpful. I loved my experience at Black Rock.
DrRosalind Phillips
DrRosalind P.
21:15 11 Dec 17
Sarah S. Clugston
Sarah S. C.
20:35 24 Oct 17
Sean Pamula
Sean P.
00:48 15 Oct 17
Friendly staff, and a bunch quality activities. A real great place to stay and be inspired.
Amber Scott
Amber S.
21:53 08 Oct 17
Andretta Bond
Andretta B.
09:42 25 Sep 17
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa G.
10:03 19 Sep 17
Erica Madina
Erica M.
18:02 05 Sep 17
PaaKwesi Charles PeeKwess
PaaKwesi Charles P.
17:21 05 Sep 17
Jackie Winns
Jackie W.
11:36 02 Sep 17
Nilsa Torres
Nilsa T.
20:18 14 Aug 17
I look foward every year when our church gets together for worship and baptism at black rock..
Pat Himmelstein
Pat H.
19:47 14 Aug 17
Aysia Ott
Aysia O.
19:25 12 Aug 17
Melissa Fichtner Cramer
Melissa Fichtner C.
13:59 11 Aug 17
Nancy A. Swope
Nancy A. S.
21:18 09 Aug 17
Judith Herman Sheirich
Judith Herman S.
17:41 09 Aug 17
Kayla Dorwart
Kayla D.
23:31 08 Aug 17
Betzaida Torres
Betzaida T.
17:51 07 Aug 17
Kierra Hinkle
Kierra H.
15:14 06 Aug 17
Kathy Tucker Woods
Kathy Tucker W.
22:11 03 Aug 17
Linda Chung
Linda C.
01:31 31 Jul 17
Very nice and clean place, quiet. Our room has some kind of smell, musty not very pleasant though. We had 5 meals during our stay. Most items were very sweet, pulled pirk was extremely sweet. The roast beef was very well done and tough. This last lunch was the only meal I liked. I loved their home made ice cream. The lake looked very green and I wouldn't use it. We did not use most of the facilities, like the pool.
Dinika Barnes
Dinika B.
08:41 28 Jul 17
Bobby Harrington
Bobby H.
21:59 23 Jul 17
Jaime Lynn
Jaime L.
16:20 19 Jul 17
My daughter loved her summer camp experience. I am so glad she was able to learn about God in a beautiful, caring environment. The staff was wonderful and answered all questions I had. It was her first time this summer and it was amazing! She really loved the water slide!
Kelli Graver Eachus
Kelli Graver E.
14:23 19 Jul 17
My daughter has loved her experience at Summer Camp! Great facilities and staff!
Jenna Rogers
Jenna R.
17:16 18 Jul 17
Bill McCullough
Bill M.
13:34 18 Jul 17
I can without any reservation recommend Black Rock's Summer Camp Programs. Our granddaughter is attending her third consecutive camp and could not wait for day one to arrive. Staff to camper ratio is excellent and the program wholesome!!!
Lori Smith
Lori S.
04:39 02 Jul 17
I can't say enough wonderful things about Black Rock! My children have been coming to BR for over 5 years and it is truly the highlight of the summer! Thank you to the amazing counselors and staff for making such wonderful memories for my children!
Agnes Thompson
Agnes T.
20:42 26 Jun 17
It was agreat experiences. In always you can think of .
Kimberly Merryman
Kimberly M.
22:17 24 Jun 17
My 13 year old daughter just returned from her first time at Black Rock, and she LOVED it! She said on a scale of 1-10, Black Rock Retreat is a 20! Thanks for offering such a safe and wonderful place to send my daughter for a week of fellowship and fun!
Angelina Yannucci Grego
Angelina Yannucci G.
02:24 24 Jun 17
This is by far the best camp there is. I can't even thank your staff enough for your positiveness. The impact you all have had on my daughter has been overwhelming ❤️Thank you
Gail Lehman Ryan
Gail Lehman R.
01:06 23 Jun 17
Darian Gillette
Darian G.
01:55 12 Jun 17
Great staff great facility plan on going backWas there for resurrection center men's retreat
Mia Castro Lucero
Mia Castro L.
04:19 05 Jun 17
Gregory Fenlon
Gregory F.
11:41 21 May 17
Black Rock Retreat provides a wonderfully peaceful experience for the mind, body, and soul. All of the staff are very attentive and friendly. The facilties are clean and welcoming and the food, fresh and delicious!! Thank you and many blessings to the Black Rock Retreat family!
Dwight A. Mikesell
Dwight A. M.
22:46 01 May 17
This is a great Christian Retreat Center in the beautiful rolling hills south of Lancaster, near Quarryville, PA.
Bishop Mark Vaughn
Bishop Mark V.
01:10 01 May 17
Great place for a special time of God-centered reflection and encounters in a rustic, Southern PA setting. Love the staff...and the gift shop!
Karen Clark
Karen C.
13:38 30 Apr 17
I had a wonderful time at Black Rock, it is a beautiful place with excellent staff. I am excited to return. Thank you
Carmelo Rodriguez
Carmelo R.
20:12 23 Apr 17
Elizabeth Keeler
Elizabeth K.
15:43 12 Apr 17
William L Vinkavich Jr.
William L Vinkavich J.
19:50 02 Apr 17
I like it it was good it's a good way to get away from stuff and family the food was good
Eli Beiler
Eli B.
00:45 23 Mar 17
Great place to retrieve, I can make myself feel at home at this place.
Chris Felker
Chris F.
01:57 10 Mar 17
Katee Wodarczyk
Katee W.
12:40 11 Feb 17
Wally King
Wally K.
05:55 05 Feb 17
Sierra Ronning
Sierra R.
22:14 30 Jan 17
Barbara Watts Brown
Barbara Watts B.
21:44 23 Jan 17
We are here for a few days get away. At this time of the year, they have discount lodging, so our friends thought it would be a good time for our yearly refreshment time. The facility and grounds are beautifully nestled in the woods. We have a very comfortable and beautiful cottage that can sleep 12 people with kitchen living room with fireplace. This is just great for us.
Cathy Tindal
Cathy T.
01:39 23 Jan 17
Denise Wagner
Denise W.
20:40 15 Jan 17
This is the 5th year I attended a Crafting Retreat. As always, the staff are friendly and quick to help, the good is delicious and plentiful, the large group space is top-notch and the room as very nice and very clean. 5 star retreat in rustic setting. My favorite part, the wood burning fireplaces. Gift shop has nice items for sale too.
Oscar Kohlhaas
Oscar K.
04:40 15 Jan 17
Had a fantastic weekend everyone helpful and nice
Audrey Crayondall
Audrey C.
01:51 15 Jan 17
One of my favorite places to go and meet new people, role models, friends, and to just have fun. They really know how to entertain while also educating about God and his wonderful role in our lives
Wesley Foley
Wesley F.
18:10 04 Jan 17
I've had many, many great experiences at Black Rock in many capacities, from summer camp to youth retreats to reunions. It is a fantastic place that I would highly recommend!
Jud Kossum
Jud K.
13:26 29 Dec 16
Black Rock is beautiful. The staff are friendly, kind, and helpful. The facilities are well maintained. The surroundings are beautiful. As both a paying customer and a recipient of Black Rock's complimentary pastor's retreat, I can say without reservation that this place has been a huge blessing to me, my ministry, and my family.
Eric Green
Eric G.
02:41 17 Dec 16
Corey Alfonso
Corey A.
23:11 10 Dec 16
Ben Donahower
Ben D.
17:45 07 Dec 16
I went to BRR summer camp through my childhood and at 33, I still have friends from Black Rock that I keep in touch with. More importantly, this place and its counselors are key reasons why I'm a Christian today. And hey, I had a lot of fun too!Now that I'm a dad, I'm eager to send my kids to Black Rock. If you're considering sending your child here or participating in some other BRR programming, why not?! It may just become an annual tradition with a life time of impact like it was for me.
Miranda Eily
Miranda E.
03:08 05 Dec 16
I really like it.... however cabins don't have airconditioner. This year, it was extremely hot. My daughters couldn't sleep, We could not sleep.�
Esrael Seyum
Esrael S.
16:51 30 Nov 16
Daniella Pierret
Daniella P.
15:49 30 Nov 16
Sue Lesko
Sue L.
03:50 19 Nov 16
My first time here and it was great!!!!� I would love to go again!!!!�
Kayla Lewis
Kayla L.
20:00 02 Nov 16
I love black rock retreats summer camp It's the best place to go to learn new things about God and meet new people.
Ben J. Herr
Ben J. H.
18:40 31 Oct 16
Pétra Musau
Pétra M.
18:47 30 Oct 16
We just came from our church's Bridge retreat. My kids and I had had great time. Staff was friendly, clean, very homey environment.
Dora Riehl
Dora R.
20:58 15 Oct 16
Rebecca Cutlan
Rebecca C.
00:32 12 Oct 16
Caleb Einolf
Caleb E.
22:46 02 Oct 16
I am speechless.
David A Fox
David A F.
15:11 24 Sep 16
Our Middle Schoolers LOVE Black Rock! This was our second year and it was even better than last year. The worship, Bible messages, and outdoor school were great! Many thanks to all of the staff at Black Rock Retreat!!!
Roberta Drinkwater
Roberta D.
18:51 22 Sep 16
Da'Lia Starkey
Da'Lia S.
03:21 20 Sep 16
Peace and loving atmosphere! May God comtinue to bless you as you bless others! Thank you for your hospitality.
Ella Maffey
Ella M.
21:56 05 Sep 16
Rob Kloss
Rob K.
16:14 29 Aug 16
Excellent programs, facilities and staff! Well worth the drive from Chester County!
Joseph Skariah
Joseph S.
17:26 29 Jul 16
Rachel Trimble
Rachel T.
09:51 27 Jul 16
Steve Shireman
Steve S.
12:45 26 Jul 16
Lori Hammer
Lori H.
20:01 25 Jul 16
Hope Robbins Odell
Hope Robbins O.
16:24 14 Jul 16
My son looks forward to his week at camp during the summer and the winter retreat every year! A wonderful place to grow in your faith while connecting with people and nature!
17:29 11 Jul 16
Dorothy Jenkins
Dorothy J.
00:28 25 Jun 16
Elida Solorzano
Elida S.
11:13 05 Jun 16
That retreat facility is just the best! Great surroundings that invite thoughtful meditation, comfortable and very clean rooms and the food is excellent. That's me with Dr Janet Smith who is the wisest funniest holy teacher I have ever met! I mean the examples and sense of humor she has for teaching difficult subjects like John Paul II's "Love and Responsibility" is extraordinary!
DeAnndrea L Isaacs
DeAnndrea L I.
23:37 26 May 16
L H.
L H.
16:56 10 Apr 16
I stayed here this past weekend with a group of ladies (20s-40s) and we had an amazing experience. We stayed in the whip-por-will lodge that accommodated...
Deanna Borum
Deanna B.
21:48 10 Mar 16
Joey Keller
Joey K.
02:57 14 Sep 15
I went here as a kid and I loved every minute of it. I can't wait for my kids to attend this every year when they are old enough! If it is anything like it was when I went years ago, they will love it. They have so many fun activities, crafts to do, swimming, huge slide into the lake, a float you can swim out to and hang out on, singing, great food(and lots of it), they had a field day, and they even had a day where counslers and staff were on top of the buildings throwing water balloons at campers as they tried to make it through the campgrounds. Just a fun time! Overall they teach life lessons that leave your kids making better choices for life!
Tina Issac
Tina I.
21:02 29 Aug 15
Troy Neiss
Troy N.
05:51 20 Aug 15
Black Rock holds some of my fondest memories as a child I went from 1983 - 1987 and every year was a memorable experience I met some people I'm still friends with to this day
Evynessence Brase
Evynessence B.
22:34 08 Aug 15
Veeta Clayton
Veeta C.
22:27 03 Aug 15
Tonya Carey
Tonya C.
20:49 03 Aug 15
Donna Haldas
Donna H.
16:05 01 Aug 15
Lorenzo Lawler III
Lorenzo Lawler I.
00:17 26 Jul 15
Kat Borcky
Kat B.
16:42 19 Jul 15
Victoria Isabella Scheuerman
Victoria Isabella S.
17:45 18 Jul 15
Best summer camp ever! Staff and counselors are amazing!
Audrey Slaton
Audrey S.
14:20 18 Jul 15
Kim Henshaw
Kim H.
11:40 17 Jul 15
Sherry Rineer Lewis
Sherry Rineer L.
13:00 15 Jul 15
I started attending in 1996 as a camper and have been here every year since. I worked on Summer Staff for four years and then joined the full time staff. I committed my life to full time ministry as a camper in 2001 and met my husband here in 2007. God does amazing things at Black Rock and I am honored to be a part of it.
Abbie Shireman
Abbie S.
12:11 14 Jul 15
My children have been looking forward to their week at camp every year. Before school ends, they want to know how long until camp starts!!!!
Allison Stoltzfus
Allison S.
03:43 08 Jul 15
Grew up loving Black Rock! It's been years since I've been back but I know my love for it hasn't diminished one bit.
Didiuafjsb Sibiosjfanf
Didiuafjsb S.
16:56 02 Jul 15
Jonathan Sauder
Jonathan S.
13:59 30 Jun 15
Lorraine Gutierrez
Lorraine G.
02:24 30 Jun 15
Celia Palacios
Celia P.
04:52 25 Jun 15
Tenille Dewees
Tenille D.
23:29 20 Jun 15
My girls are gearing up for their second year at Black Rock. They told us today that they've been waiting for this since we drove off the property last summer.
Alexus Ravert
Alexus R.
14:05 20 Jun 15
Naomi Pulley
Naomi P.
05:44 20 Jun 15
I love this place I go here every year with my family and friends!!
Tiffany Evans-Lantz
Tiffany E.
00:33 18 Jun 15
Amy Etner
Amy E.
14:47 12 May 15
Tia Tenacious Titus
Tia Tenacious T.
18:45 28 Apr 15
THIS PLACE WAS THE BOMBDOTCOM! I really have to go back as a family! Breathtaking and so Divine!
Alyssa Slickers
Alyssa S.
21:44 27 Feb 15
Kayla Peterson
Kayla P.
23:56 25 Feb 15
This place became my home summer after summer. Even when I wasn't here I still felt the love of the people who helped me to find faith in The Lord. The staff is always friendly. They have a great balance of returning staff members and new employees. So many great memories were made here.
Aaliyah Herb
Aaliyah H.
02:16 10 Feb 15
Isaac Hain
Isaac H.
04:24 09 Feb 15
Marvin Jones
Marvin J.
04:29 05 Feb 15
Just spent 3days on personal retreat...never felt more welcomed or more pleased with the facilities and staff than at Black Rock...Amen
Dontae Sutton
Dontae S.
03:21 10 Nov 14
Jessica Camacho-Moore
Jessica C.
19:08 04 Oct 14
Tyler Rittenour
Tyler R.
17:25 15 Sep 14
Jen Petrosky
Jen P.
19:44 10 Aug 14
Janelle West
Janelle W.
03:28 08 Aug 14
I loved Black Rock since I went as a child!! Now my son gets to enjoy it every year, as will my daughter when she is old enough 😀
Lesley Shaw
Lesley S.
09:33 05 Aug 14
Elena Petrenko
Elena P.
10:48 02 Aug 14
Michelle Sexton
Michelle S.
11:10 01 Aug 14
My girls did the outdoor education swim lessons this year and LOVED it! All the instructors were very professional and took great care of the kids. Their no pressure approach helped my daughter overcome her fear of the deep end and we were grateful for watching her jump into the pool with confidence. We will be back for other programs as they grow!
Jason Stutzman
Jason S.
10:44 29 Jul 14
Great for the kids
Frankie Thomas
Frankie T.
04:49 28 Jul 14
Destiny Marie Farraday
Destiny Marie F.
21:08 26 Jul 14
Morgan Sprinkle
Morgan S.
19:33 26 Jul 14
After 10 years as a camper, I can honestly say this is my second home. Thanks so much for all the life changing memories made! Best weeks ever!
Kira Lilly
Kira L.
18:28 26 Jul 14
Dillon Hodges
Dillon H.
16:44 26 Jul 14
Just got back today loved every second of it wish I didn't leave
Jenna Marie
Jenna M.
16:39 26 Jul 14
Robert Keene
Robert K.
14:42 26 Jul 14
Patricia Duckett
Patricia D.
12:37 23 Jul 14
Caroline Ward
Caroline W.
03:36 21 Jul 14
Demetrius Mckinney
Demetrius M.
14:53 20 Jul 14
Kyle Ogle
Kyle O.
22:53 19 Jul 14
Tambra Peters
Tambra P.
19:28 19 Jul 14
Dina Moore
Dina M.
12:51 18 Jul 14
Giovana Grumelli
Giovana G.
22:24 09 Jul 14
My son has gone to camp here for 3 yrs and loves it. We have done laser tag for a birthday party, rented a conference room, gym time and hay ride for another birthday party and participated in their swimming lessons. Would definitely recommend!
Amber Fischer
Amber F.
19:13 08 Jul 14
Matthew Stohrer
Matthew S.
02:56 08 Jul 14
Sa Umble
Sa U.
02:49 08 Jul 14
Jessica Miller Dunlap
Jessica Miller D.
02:26 08 Jul 14
Jessica Weir
Jessica W.
21:04 07 Jul 14
Habibah Dennis
Habibah D.
20:27 03 Jul 14
My daughter and friends r having an awesome time at camp this year making new friends along the way
Amanda Griffith
Amanda G.
14:51 03 Jul 14
Michele Borum
Michele B.
19:06 02 Jul 14
Kimie Ranken
Kimie R.
14:37 30 Jun 14
Vicki King
Vicki K.
13:57 27 Jun 14
Anocha Suwannarat
Anocha S.
16:40 26 Jun 14
Sandy Schlossman
Sandy S.
18:27 23 Jun 14
This is the best Christian camp. My girls always ask about going back the next yr when we pick them up. The staff is super! So many fun things for kids and wonderful teachings of God.
Autumn Rhoads
Autumn R.
15:27 21 Jun 14
Gabrielle Marie Taylor
Gabrielle Marie T.
03:24 18 Jun 14
This is going to be my forth year going I love it I have maid so many new friends
Gale Marie Metz Thomason
Gale Marie Metz T.
22:01 10 Jun 14
Daniel Riddell
Daniel R.
15:24 24 May 14
Laurie Seeley
Laurie S.
23:54 23 May 14
Elijah Johnson
Elijah J.
12:46 09 May 14
Patrick Stephen
Patrick S.
18:45 24 Mar 14
Best place in the world.
Joshua Foley
Joshua F.
13:28 18 Mar 14
8 awesome years as a camper, 6 fantastic summers on summer staff, and currently 4 years working here as the Summer Camp Director! Even met my wife and got engaged at Black Rock Retreat!
Jt Zlock
Jt Z.
22:11 13 Jan 14
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan M.
02:41 08 Jan 14
Krystle Dawn Thorne
Krystle Dawn T.
04:59 03 Jan 14
Cole Adams
Cole A.
02:38 09 Dec 13
Ryan Joseph Sprague
Ryan Joseph S.
03:52 06 Nov 13
John Troy
John T.
02:35 03 Nov 13
Sarah Rhineer
Sarah R.
21:53 08 Oct 13
Joe Piascinski
Joe P.
10:52 01 Oct 13
Becky Frank
Becky F.
00:23 30 Sep 13
Tess Elaine Diffenderffer
Tess Elaine D.
02:42 21 Sep 13
Repo Iffi
Repo I.
00:26 21 Sep 13
David Raber
David R.
16:14 14 Sep 13
Hunter Kimble
Hunter K.
20:22 11 Sep 13
Neal Martin
Neal M.
16:56 09 Sep 13
Craig Horner
Craig H.
16:50 08 Sep 13
Lorraine Smith Listokin
Lorraine Smith L.
01:38 29 Aug 13
Jill Malthaner Zook
Jill Malthaner Z.
02:33 24 Aug 13
Delaney Baker
Delaney B.
13:17 19 Aug 13
Mary Mendez Roberts
Mary Mendez R.
13:16 19 Aug 13
Jennifer Wilks Boyce
Jennifer Wilks B.
17:22 17 Aug 13
Kelly Bilger
Kelly B.
17:45 15 Aug 13
Mel Pearson Gibbs
Mel Pearson G.
15:00 15 Aug 13
Seth Walter
Seth W.
00:37 15 Aug 13
Aaron Cherry
Aaron C.
17:25 09 Aug 13
Shelley Gensel Reinhart
Shelley Gensel R.
15:57 07 Aug 13
Stuart Bradshaw
Stuart B.
03:14 06 Aug 13
Tony Franklin
Tony F.
17:24 05 Aug 13
Its such a great place to come and wordship and be active for christ
Alex Collazo
Alex C.
02:11 04 Aug 13
Jordan Piascinski
Jordan P.
21:27 03 Aug 13
Faith Huber
Faith H.
19:45 03 Aug 13
Briit Moreno
Briit M.
17:44 03 Aug 13
Tia Stoltzfus
Tia S.
15:50 03 Aug 13
Nance Lorraine
Nance L.
08:51 03 Aug 13
This is a great camp for kids my daighter goes every year and every year she always meets new friends but when you pick up on Saturday morning they're not ready to come home they sometimes get emotional that's a good feeling knowing they had a great week!!!! This camp also is very clean n I love she gets the opputuniuty to go back every year. 🙂
Austin Gucci Man Burrell
Austin Gucci Man B.
13:03 31 Jul 13
Id recomend this place to anyone out there that loves the jesus christ. The camp is a christan camp, that allows kids to have fun and learn about the lord. I highly recomend this place if I had fun. Trust me you will to:)
Tere Rivera
Tere R.
02:07 31 Jul 13
Banks Christinebless
Banks C.
22:19 30 Jul 13
Garrett Deyle
Garrett D.
16:07 28 Jul 13
Ella Chambers
Ella C.
13:26 28 Jul 13
Olivia Amey
Olivia A.
21:26 27 Jul 13
Anna Meyers
Anna M.
18:44 27 Jul 13
Brady Frampton
Brady F.
14:03 27 Jul 13
Lexi Rose
Lexi R.
05:06 26 Jul 13
Absolutely in love with this place! I can't tell you how much Black Rock has changed my life! Everyone there is just filled with so much joy, and so loving and caring!
Ginger Wood Borcky
Ginger Wood B.
14:38 25 Jul 13
Chaya Bragg
Chaya B.
19:40 23 Jul 13
Tyler Minney
Tyler M.
03:26 21 Jul 13
Madison McGinn
Madison M.
02:55 21 Jul 13
Hunter Smith
Hunter S.
02:03 21 Jul 13
Katie Hockenberry
Katie H.
02:02 21 Jul 13
Samantha Ortiz
Samantha O.
17:33 20 Jul 13
Katie Shifflett
Katie S.
15:20 20 Jul 13
Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan A.
14:59 20 Jul 13
Anna Shoemaker
Anna S.
13:52 20 Jul 13
Bobbie Brown
Bobbie B.
13:32 20 Jul 13
Jeneen Coles
Jeneen C.
12:55 20 Jul 13
Renae Dalton
Renae D.
17:19 19 Jul 13
Omg I'm soo excited for my daughter she goes to camp on Monday I've been tryin all summer to get her in now to get that camper list taken care of !!! Thank you this is a great opportunity for my daughter I no she will love it
Maria Zavala
Maria Z.
22:51 17 Jul 13
Daniel Carrillo
Daniel C.
21:31 17 Jul 13
Nicci Karpinski
Nicci K.
23:43 08 Jul 13
Victoria Mitchell
Victoria M.
12:14 05 Jul 13
Ashley Weir
Ashley W.
04:13 05 Jul 13
Jenn Urbine Hornickle
Jenn Urbine H.
21:53 04 Jul 13
Aunice Love
Aunice L.
02:32 03 Jul 13
Cookie Jackson
Cookie J.
07:14 29 Jun 13
Christen Nelson Wayman
Christen Nelson W.
12:47 26 Jun 13
Raquel Resto
Raquel R.
23:48 17 Jun 13
Kelly Jeanne
Kelly J.
02:09 11 Jul 12
This was my daughters first year, and like her sister she had a wonderful time, and altho hesitant to leave home at first, she didnt wanna go home afterwards! She loved every minute of it!:)
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