Christian Schools

Relax and enjoy your time with your students while our staff program nearly everything for you. Teachers and parents who come along as counselors have the opportunity to learn and participate with their students. Students and teachers alike get to know each other on a new level.

Most of our schools participate in a three-day, residential, Christ-centered Outdoor Education experience for students in grades five through eight.

One-day and two-day programs are also available though at limited times throughout the year. The three-day program includes four, one and one half hour Creation Exploration class sessions, morning and evening all-camp devotions, a night time Creation Exploration session, and camp games.

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How to schedule an Outdoor Education Trip

Step 1: Request more information or call 800-858-9299
Step 2: Choose your classes and program options
Step 3: Bring your students!

Allergies at Camp

We take food allergies seriously here at Black Rock Retreat. If you child is going to be attending an outdoor education retreat with your school and they have an allergy we would like to know about it. The link below will take you to our food allergy form where you can record information about your child’s food allergy. We do need this information in time to order the correct substitute food for your child so we ask that you fill out this form two weeks ahead of time.

Click Here to go to our Food Allergy Form

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