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Your Students are Itching to Go Outside!

Black Rock Retreat’s outdoor education program is a great way for your students to learn about God’s creation in a hands-on way!

Relax and enjoy time with your students while our staff program and lead nearly everything for you! Of course, teachers and parents who come along as chaperones have the opportunity to learn and participate with their students. Students and teachers alike get to know each other on a new level.

Have an Overnight Trip Planned for you!

Most Christian schools participate in a 3-day overnight retreat, including our Christ-centered Outdoor Education experience for students in grades 5-8. The three-day program includes four, 1.5 hour Creation Exploration class sessions (there are many options), morning and evening all-camp devotions, a nighttime Creation Exploration session, and camp games.

One-day and two-day programs are also available at times throughout the year.

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How to Schedule an Outdoor Education Trip

  1. Request more information or call (717) 529-3232
  2. Choose your classes and program options
  3. Bring your students!

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Allergies at Camp

We take food allergies seriously here at Black Rock Retreat. If your child is going to be attending an outdoor education retreat with your school and they have an allergy, we would like to know about it. The link below will take you to our food allergy form, where you can record information about your child’s food allergy. We do need this information in time to order the correct substitute food for your child, so we ask that you fill out this form two weeks ahead of time.

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Curriculum Matrix for Outdoor Education

In order to serve students more effectively, this year, we have introduced one new class and are highlighting 10 more classes for our outdoor education programs. They will be offered alongside the other classes found in our curriculum matrix (PDF).

See ALL of our class options in this PDF »

A sample of outdoor education classes and activity options include:

  • Laser Tag – Have an absolute blast, but with a purpose. Laser tag at Black Rock Retreat is not only a fun activity but a new way to learn how to work as a team. This activity is also full of Biblical insights for your students in an engaging setting.
  • Invertebrate Dissection – Get fingertip-deep in the incredible workings of an earthworm and grasshopper.
  • Archery – This class is an integration of Biblical truth, safety, science, and coordination. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!
  • Creek Studies – Immerse your students in the fun of real life exploring. In this class, your students will actually get wet learning about water habitats and the living things that call it home.
  • Wilderness Survival – In this sampler course of outdoor survival skills, students will learn the basics of wilderness survival, including shelter building, fire building, and outdoor cooking.
  • Consumers – Everyone eats! Discover how energy flows from the sun to the grilled burger you eat. This hands-on class will have your students dissecting an owl pellet and discovering what is part of the everyday diet of a night hunter.
  • Ecology – Students will recognize the delicate balance in Creation by learning about ecosystems, the symbiosis between organisms, and the different roles organisms play. This class is full of fun things to do and is truly a hands-on adventure!
  • Geo-caching Black Rock – GPS technology can be used everywhere, including here at Black Rock. Learn how this navigation system works and use it to find treasures around camp.
  • Team Building (Group Initiatives) – Does your class work as a team? Do you see leadership potential in some of your students, but lack the setting to really bring it out? This course will help your students realize just what they can accomplish when they truly function as a team.
  • Astronomy – Map out the solar system and travel from the sun all the way to Neptune, with your feet firmly planted on the third planet from the sun. Discover the other things you might encounter during your trip far beyond the reach of our sun’s gravity.
  • Animals and their Habitats – Students will get up close and personal with a few of the animals in our nature center (and, weather-permitting, some outside as well). They will learn how we care for these creatures, but more importantly, how they and their habitats are designed with incredible care.

Don’t see a class you’re looking for? This list was just a sample list. Try looking at all of our class options here (PDF). Some other classes may be available upon request – just contact us!