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Investing in the Next Generation


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Wilmer and Joyce Hostetter first became involved at Black Rock Retreat when they were invited to serve in leadership roles. Lorraine Wenger invited Joyce to serve as Vice President of the Women’s Auxiliary, and during the years that she served as Vice President and then President, Joyce learned to know and appreciate the staff who worked at Black Rock Retreat. It was through them that she grew to appreciate Black Rock’s ministry. Wilmer served as a board member and eventually became chairman. He shares that he got excited learning about all that was happening to reach children at Summer Camp and especially enjoys hearing stories of children becoming saved.

Through the years, nearly all of their children and many of their grandchildren have attended Summer Camp at Black Rock Retreat. In a recent memory book compiled by one of the family members, Wilmer and Joyce’s children and grandchildren shared their testimonies of faith. Many of these testimonies in some way referenced Black Rock Retreat and how their involvement at Summer Camp grew their faith and was instrumental in helping lay a firm foundation for them as they serve the Lord in their church today. Wilmer and Joyce appreciate Black Rock Retreat’s appeal to children. “It’s impressive, how they keep making camp attractive to children,” comments Joyce. “When they come to camp, you can present the Bible to them. I’ve always had a heart for seeing children grow spiritually.” Wilmer agrees and adds, “We really appreciate how Black Rock Retreat reaches young people and passes the gospel on to the next generation.”

This passion for investing in the next generation is also the reason why their family got involved in the grain business. “We wanted something that would provide income for our children,” comments Wilmer. “We are grateful that this has worked out well.” Through the success of this business, the entire Hostetter family has been involved in supporting various ministries. Wilmer comments, “We’re glad we can help, but we don’t want any self glory.” He goes on to comment that one of the reasons they enjoy supporting Black Rock Retreat is because it’s local. He comments, “Black Rock Retreat reaches a lot of people, over 18,000 per year, and it’s right in our back yard!” Joyce shares from the heart, “I’ve prayed regularly for my children over the years and Black Rock Retreat has been a spiritual help to our family.”

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Hostetter family
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