By Nancy Engel |

History in the Making

bathroom demolition

I just returned from a walk around some of the grounds of Black Rock Retreat. A lot is happening at this place on this historic day….a day when we are saying goodbye to the chapel and dining hall. Many sounds were mingling together as I walked down the driveway to see the remaining foundation of the dear, departed building.  I heard the heavy equipment – dump trucks, excavators, lifts. Echoing through the trees from snack shop, laughter of children and adults could be heard. A group of guests from Family Camp were playing laser tag in another section of wooded area. Amish guests were enjoying the shade of Hilltop Pavilion. The pool was filled with Family Camp guests playing volleyball and small children playing in the fountains at the zero entry area. Chainsaws were heard as trees were being trimmed and cut down to accommodate the building projects. On the ball field, Family Camp guests were keeping cool on the “Slip and Slide”. Our maintenance team was scattered around the property, giving hayrides, cutting trees, helping with the behind the scenes work that goes with demolition and construction. All of the departments of Black Rock Retreat were hard at work to ensure our guests had a wonderful, God-filled experience.

Black Rock Retreat, “history in the making” is also quietly happening as our incoming Executive Director, Peter Fiorello, becomes acquainted with this ministry, the staff and culture. Outgoing Executive Director, John Shertzer, is savoring his final weeks in this position with his team who have become like family.

History in the making usually means change. Sometimes change is long sought after – like finally receiving all of our needed permits to begin this large expansion project at Black Rock Retreat. Change can be celebrated. Change can be dreaded. Change often involves a tearing down of the old to make room for the new. This can be a painful process. But change, God-ordained change, can be just what we need to become more like Jesus.



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