Bike-a-thon Day of Ride Information

Instead of making a lot of announcements on the morning of the ride, we are providing that information here for you to review prior to the day of the ride.

Click here for a printable PDF of Day of Ride Information

Click here for 50 mile ride cue sheet

Click here for 80 mile ride cue sheet

Click here for 125 mile ride cue sheet

Click here for 145 mile ride cue sheet

While the route is marked with fluorescent orange “BR” with directional arrows the whole way, we suggest that you become familiar with the route ahead of time so that you will have a general idea of where you should be during the ride. (It is easy to miss a road, especially late in the ride when you are tired).

You must wear a helmet during the ride. Sunglasses are recommended.


What to bring:

  • Fundraising envelope with checks (make sure you’ve raised the minimum required for your ride distance)
  • Inner tubes and pump
  • Layers of clothes
  • Bike water bottles
  • Bike shoes (whatever you typically wear)
  • Your bike 🙂

What to pack for after the ride: 

(Please note that anything that you place in this bag is going to the destination and will not be accessible until the end of the ride.)

  • Change of clothes (street clothes and shoes)
  • Shower items (soap, towel, personal items, etc.)
  • Items you would like to have for the bus ride home

Note for Fenwick Island State Park: Any riders who are having family members meet them at the park, need to be aware that there is a $10 parking fee to enter the park.

When you arrive:

  • Follow parking signs – all vehicles must park on the ballfield, the retreat center parking lot needs to be available to our weekend guests
  • Registration occurs at pool area. There are also bathroom facilities available there to change.
  • At registration riders hand in their fundraising envelopes and ensure they’ve raised a minimum of $150 – $300 (depending on the ride distance).
  • At registration riders will receive a bike jersey (if they registered before the July deadline and raised at least $300), an ID card, a cue sheet, and a plastic bag in which to dispose top layers during the ride if needed. These bags can be dropped off at any Food Stop and will be transported to the end of your ride.  (Be sure your bag is properly marked with your ride distance).
  • Remember to keep the ID card you receive at registration with you during the entire ride. Contact numbers for medical and mechanic assistance are on the ID card as well as other relevant phone numbers.

What’s available on the ride:

  • Black Rock Retreat will provide a roving mechanic and nurse for rider needs, however, it’s best to be prepared to address issues yourself if possible, so you are able to continue your ride as quickly as possible. Sometimes it can take some time for the mechanic or nurse to travel to your location.  In an emergency, call 911.
  • Food Stops and bathroom facilities are available at approximately every 25 miles. These stops are optional, but riders are strongly advised to make sure they are keeping themselves adequately hydrated and it’s recommended to keep eating in small doses throughout the day.
  • Food stops will close at the times indicated on the cue sheet.

Departure (125 & 145 mile riders):

  • All 125 & 145 mile riders will gather in the pool area parking lot for prayer and final instructions
  • Registration begins at 5:30am
  • All 125 and 145 riders depart at the same time between 6:15-6:30 AM at dawn
  • Fire police will be stopping traffic at the Black Rock Retreat exit, so riders don’t need to stop at the bottom of the hill, however, the rest of the route requires riders to follow all traffic laws of the road

Departure (50 & 80 mile riders):

  • All 50 & 80 mile riders gather in the pool area and will load their bikes (assistance is provided) onto box trucks, which will transport them to the starting location
  • Registration begins at 6:30am and all riders will then board coach buses and depart from Black Rock Retreat at approximately 7:30 AM