By Josh Foley |

Chester The Bunny Misses You Too

Registration has been open for about a week and we already have over 350 registered!

Every year when we open registration for summer camp, we are blessed to hear stories from parents about the impact Black Rock has had on their child.  Some stories are touching, and some are cute and rather funny!  Here are a couple of our favorites from the first week:

  1. A parent informed us that last year, her 4th grade son signed himself up for camp without her knowledge!  She found out when she received an email saying the balance was due.  She paid it, he came to camp, and at the end he reported that it was “the best week…of my entire LIFE.”
  2. A single mom stopped in the office to find out more about our Open House on Feb. 3rd (featuring Lisa Landis and the Kid’s Cookie Break radio show), and thanked us personally for the sponsorship her kids will be receiving to come to camp.
  3. One child, who couldn’t be older than a 3rd grader, called confused about which “tire” she should choose.  After some confusion, we worked out that she meant which “tier” option she should choose for registration!
  4. A camper expressed overwhelming joy at seeing her counselor, Julia, on the front cover of the brochure!
  5. A mother told us that her son is coming for the first time and is nervous to stay overnight.  However she knows it will be okay because her daughter cried the first time she dropped her off for camp, and then cried EVEN more when she was picked up because she didn’t want to leave (she was especially sad to be leaving Chester, our white bunny).
  6. Countless others who call us in angst asking if their child’s week is full yet, because their child “looks forward to camp all year and would be devastated” if their spot wasn’t secured.

Fortunately, Chester the bunny is still here, missing you too, waiting eagerly to be reunited with his camper friends (as is Rocky the Chinchilla, Pepé the Skunk, Monty the ball Python, and our other camper-favorite critters).  I am personally even MORE thankful that many of my wonderful counselors and program staff are planning on returning this summer, because as cute and cuddly as Chester is, he can’t match the Christ-like love, care, or spiritual maturity of my summer staff as they reach each camper with the Gospel.  They give each child an experience they will never forget as they grow in Christ and re-connect with old friends and make new friends.

We hope to see you at camp in 2018, and we will keep good care of Chester until you arrive!

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