Facilities Director


To plan, organize, and carry out a maintenance and improvement program which will provide clean,
well-maintained, and adequate facilities and grounds to serve the groups who use Black Rock
Retreat in accordance with Black Rock Retreat’s purpose.


Executive Director/Director of Operations


Maintenance Staff and volunteers


Building & Grounds Committee


1. Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ exhibiting evidence of a consistent, growing, daily walk.

2. Desires to serve the Lord and to make Him known to others. Heart to disciple young people during the summer and throughout the year as opportunity arises.

3. Is in agreement with Black Rock Retreat’s purpose, statement of faith, and policies.

4. Is flexible and able to work with staff, volunteers, retreat guests, campers, and others.

5. Has strong leadership qualities and is a good Christian role model.

6. Is willing to forgo personal rights for the common good of others and the organization; servant attitude, i.e. Phil. 2:5.


1. Has experience in the maintenance field and with managing people.

2. Possesses a good overall knowledge of maintenance skills: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, janitorial, and housekeeping.

3. Has deep understanding of critical management concepts: planning, organizing, delegating, directing, problem solving, and controlling labor, money, and equipment.

4. Has good computer and organizational skills and is detail oriented.

5. Has good decision-making abilities.

6. Able to do good research in order to make competent and value driven purchases.

7. Able to operate effectively under pressure.

8. Is accomplished manager of people and talent: able to manage performance, hold individuals and teams accountable for outcomes, and coach talent to higher levels of achievement.

9. Has a strong sense of safety and security for staff, campers, guests and visitors.

10. Able to lift up to 100 pounds.


1. Maintain all physical aspects of the property as outlined in the Methodized Maintenance Manual and Maintenance Procedure Manual:
a. Buildings & Facilities
b. Grounds
c. Equipment

2. Be familiar with electrical, water, mechanical and sewage systems in order to evaluate and facilitate needed repairs. Be prepared to handle emergency situations and acquainted with who to call.

3. Revise and update the Methodized Maintenance Manual and Maintenance Procedures Manual annually and become familiar with the routine care of the camp property.

4. Become familiar with government inspection guidelines and adhere to them. This includes scheduling, coordinating and supervising all regulatory requirements at the local municipality, state and federal levels.

5. Participate on the Department Leaders Team providing vision, consultation, recommendations, and general reporting on operations and activities to the Executive Director.

6. Keep accurate records of projects, inspections and sewer and water quality and control.

7. Work with Executive Director in budget planning, controls and regularly evaluating progress. This will include leading the annual Capital Budgeting Process and assessing ongoing budget compliance with agreed plan. Building Systems life cycles and replacement cost management will be the responsibility of this position.

8. Research and purchase maintenance and housekeeping supplies and equipment.

9. Hire, supervise, train, and evaluate maintenance staff and head housekeeper.

10. Oversee preparations for retreat groups as well as Black Rock Retreat events and programs. Collaborate, as needed, with other departments in delivering excellence in guest services and meeting/exceeding guest expectations.

11. Provide technical and spiritual leadership for the maintenance team and head housekeeper

12. Be mentally and spiritually alert and safety conscious, displaying a personable and positive work attitude.

13. Be available for any special projects or meetings as requested by the Executive Director.

14. Work with PA Department of Agriculture and Forestry in updating and accomplishing Forestry Stewardship goals.

15. Responsible to lead all Capital Projects and Building Projects. Will be responsible for all communication, supervision and management of contractors, vendors and consultants. Capable of managing all cost, scheduling and quality oversight of building projects.


Periodically attend training seminars, conferences, and workshops to stay current in maintenance, leadership and management related topics and skills. Learn and improve skills by observing other professionals who come onto the grounds to perform a task and encouraging those you supervise to do the same.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid

Please submit resume and cover letter to office@brr.org.