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Outdoor Education for Christian Schools

When can we come?

Program dates are available during the entire school year. We invite schools of all sizes to participate in all programs. Our high ropes course is available from March through November.

How much does it cost and what does it include?

  • $120 per student $98 per adult for our three-day residential Outdoor Education program. (For different length retreats and adult fees see below.)
  • This fee covers the full program. It includes: 4 classes, a student workbook, 2 nights lodging, 6 meals, 3 devotional sessions, guided nature center experience and 3 evening activities led by our staff.
  • With the fall 2017 the following does not apply- some classes have as small class fee including canoeing($3/person) and archery ($1/person).

How long is a typical outdoor education retreat at Black Rock?

  • Our programs generally run any where from one to four days with our staff running as much or as little of the program as you would like.

What kind of accommodations do you have?

Students participating in the Outdoor Education program stay in comfortable, bunk style cabins which sleep ten people each. The cabins are heated and feature a private bath. Linens are not provided. Six delicious, nutritious meals are served family style in the Oakwood Dining Hall. Two snacks are also provided.

The school is responsible to provide one adult leader for every nine students.

For more information or for available dates, contact Titus McGrath Outdoor Education Director at (717) 529-3375 or e-mail

To view our Outdoor Education promotional brochure, click the link below!

Christian School OE Price List

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

3-day program

  • $120 Per Student (Minimum 16 students)
  • $98 Per Adult
(this includes all activities- we dont charge extra for any activities)
Lodging, 4 classes (1.5 to 2 hrs each), 6 meals and all your activities.

2-day programs
12:00 pm to 12:00 pm
  • $91 Student
  • Lodging, 2 classes & 3 meals

9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • $108 Student
  • Lodging, 3 classes & 4 meals

9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • $118 Per Student
  • Lodging, 4 classes & 4 meals

1-day program

without lunch: Call or Email for Pricing
with lunch: Call or Email for Pricing
*Minimum 16 students

Why do we do Outdoor Educaiton

Producing memories that go past the classroom!

•We program as much or as little of your retreat as possible. Fresh out of ideas? Thats where we jump in!
•Trained proffesional staff that conect with your students.
•Hands on science outside the classroom.

Call today for more information (800-858-9299) or email us at

Our Goal:
Black Rock Retreat is committed to teaching about the Creator through His creation. We specialize in hands-on, experiential learning in an environment that encourages spiritual growth and restoration. We are dedicated to spreading the love and gospel of Jesus Christ through our teaching, worship, and daily lives.
The focus of the Outdoor Education program are academic learning and spiritual growth. The camp setting, devotional times, worship and learning about creation all open the door for students to grow in their relationship with the Lord and have an incredible time doing so.

Program Information:

Outdoor Education has been in existence at Black Rock Retreat since 1988. One of the best features of our program is that the Black Rock staff can program nearly everything for you. Teachers and parents who come along as counselors have the opportunity to learn and participate with their students. Students and teachers alike get to know each other on a new level.
Typically our program consists of a three-day, residential, Christ-centered Outdoor Education experience for students in grades five through eight including home school and parochial school groups. One day and two day programs are also available though at limited times throughout the year. The three day program includes four, one and one half hour Creation Exploration class sessions, morning and evening all-camp devotions, a night time Creation Exploration session, and camp games.

Areas of Study Include:

Water Studies
Edible Plants
Outdoor Living Skills
Amish Life

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Animal Habitats
Challenge Ropes Course

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Winter Studies

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Outdoor Education Promotional Brochure
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What Past Chaperones Have Said:

"My first time at Black Rock. I enjoyed it and learned things too. Glad to know this program exists and glad to see how the staff take every opportunity to point to God and His goodness." - Parent

"I think the program is excellent and give good illustrations for students to grasp science concepts and relate them Biblically." - 6th Grade Teacher

"I loved it! I know the kids will come away from this experiance with an incredible love for God and His creation. This will be one experiance they will never forget. And their relationship with God has grown by leaps and bounds, along with their appriciation of nature. Thank you for taking care of us and for having some really clean cabins!" - 5th Grade Teacher

"I enjoy the outdoor classes and the structured schedule. Plus all the games with no tv's, ipads, etc., great for one on one time with God." - Parent

Another teacher from New Jersey said: "I love the way the staff presents everything from a Biblical perspective and makes sure the students make that Biblical connection."

A New Jersey Teacher says: "The students were learning/ discussing how to make God a priority"

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Outdoor Education

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